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VEGA Road Luminaire
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    • VEGA Road Luminaire
    • VEGA Road Luminaire
    • VEGA Road Luminaire
    • VEGA Road Luminaire
    • VEGA Road Luminaire
    • VEGA Road Luminaire

VEGA Road Luminaire

Energy Saving product

Lighting for avenues, squares, highways, streets
Lighting for industrial parks, urban zones…
Green, Blue, White, Yellow
Wattage (W):
150W, 250W, 400W, 600W
Light Source:
High pressure Sodium, Metal Halide
- High pressure die-cast aluminium canopy and body ensure the accuracy when fitting, high durability, exterior powder painted and many colours to choose.
- Luminaire glass made of safety tempered glass, clear, has ability of self-cleaning lighting level long. Glass cemented with the reflector by heat-resistant silicol glue ensures the tight level of the optical part IP66 to be long.
- Side arm is directly fitted into rear support (the depth: 105mm). Two stainless steel screws ensure high hardness and stability when fitting. The swivel allows to adjust the angle of luminaire compared to side arm easily from - 90° to 90° each adjustment degree is 5°, the dimension of side arm is up to Ø60.
- Clamp and cap made of PC ensure high durability and anti UV.
- Reflector is made of exported high purity aluminium, polish level. It is processed on the punching machine of French and ensure accuracy of reflector.
- Lamp-holder fitted on bracket has following features:
      + Tight structure with silicol gasket ensures the tight level of the optical part.
      + Adjustability of lamp position ensures optimal light distribution according to every luminaire fitting position.
      + Changing and maintaining easily.
Dimension – Installation
D: 620mm, H: 205mm
- Fitting vertically & horizontally with the adjustment angle from -90° to 90°, each adjustment degree is 5°.
- Side arm dimension up to Ø60.
- Fitting length 105mm.
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